Things to do with an SL65….

 It's no secret that we build a lot of cars….some of the builds are focused narrowly on one aspect.  Some are multi faceted covering all aspects of the car…performance, interior, exterior….this is one of those.  This project started as a relatively low mile bone stock SL65….it will be something far from that when it's done.


…and was only one way to go….a PriorDesign widebody kit which would update the front end to the newer style SL…giving us a fresher(and wider) look.  Mercedes Palladium Silver was used as the exterior color and the interior is receiving a full redo…..we chose to use the same leather in the interior that the Pagani Huyara uses.  It's pretty much the nicest leather you've ever seen and if it's not the Pagani leather, it's black Ferrari leather.


More and more of the interior is together with each day....more carbon brats too.  We're heading into the home stretch's going to be one amazing machine......

26 pieces of custom carbon fiber are going into the interior of this car. to set it apart from all the other custom SL65s out there.

click for build gallery 

click for build gallery 

Our base car was a clean 05….black/black.  It went thru a wide variety of variations when we first started on it way back in 2008.  Different wheels were used on the car, different trim packages were installed and removed but one thing always remained the same…., the performance upgrades.  We have always run this car with a  KLEEMANN ECU tune, custom heat exchanger up front, C2D custom exhausts, upgraded rear toe links and modified down pipes.  Not a whole lot is needed on these cars right out of the box... 

 Interior was basic Mercedes SL65 goodness…we added some carbon accents, a modified steering wheel and a high end audio system. This basic setup pleased the customer for a long time….until he wanted something different.  Very different...



As we get closer to the finish of this car…more and more parts are being added…custom painted 15" Brembos, up front, 14" units out back….a custom set of 20" Rotiforms will help bring all of it together….


Interior pieces assembled and ready to install....


95% done....lots of minor details still to work out but the journey is just about over....